The Core Principles

You can start using core SLOtility principles right away to start eating healthier while feeling less hungry. Try to include as many of these principles as you can into your meals. As you incorporate the techniques, you should be able to eat smaller portions and still feel satisfied. The goal is to habituate to these techniques so you don’t have to think as much or feel you have to force yourself to ‘comply’ with the diet. These are good things to keep in mind on your next trip to the grocery store!

1.Go Low Carb

Carbohydrate (carbs = sugar and breads/starches) move through your stomach relatively quickly, and so won’t fill you up. So, choose low carb, high vegetable and protein (meat/fish/dairy) foods when planning your meals.

  • A simple starting point is to use your base meals, and on purpose eat 1⁄2 of the portion you normally would of carb foods, and then on purpose eat xtra vegetables or protein foods to fill you up- for example, if dinner is rice + beans, then eat 1⁄2 the rice you normally would and double the beans or add a salad to help fill you up. In this way, you can slowly wean yourself down on carbs.

  • The best way to eat carbs is late in the meal, when food in your stomach will slow the absorption of the carbs. This is the traditional way of eating dessert (sweets) at the end of the meal, which will also help control your portion size.

  • The best time of day to eat carbs is after exercise, or at the 2nd meal of the day (@ noon)- this is when your body is more insulin sensitive. So for example if you love fruit, try to snack on it after exercise or with lunch.

2.Increase Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber slows stomach motility1. So, choose more high soluble fiber foods when planning your meals, such as:

  • Apples, barley, (dried) beans/peas (refried beans, baked beans, black-eyed peas, lentils, black, pinto, northern, fava, navy, kidney, garbanzo, soy), oranges, carrots, oatmeal, nuts + seeds (pumpkin seeds, soy nuts, chunky nut butters), Uncle Sam cereal are all good sources- for more on soluble fiber, see the Konjac SLOtility Diet BASIC Supplement on p.9.

  • Aim for 7 grams of soluble fiber each day (about 3 servings per day), choosing foods from the list above. Increase your fiber intake gradually, over 2 or 3 weeks, so your stomach can adapt to the added bulk without discomfort. Drink plenty of fluids, at least 6-8 cups of caffeine-free liquid daily.

3.Preload Liquids

Preloading liquids means drinking your liquids before the meal. In this way, there is a primer to slow stomach motility for the meal, which should enable you to eat smaller portions while feeling satisfied2. Try drinking your liquids 15 minutes before your meal, rather than drinking them with the meal. Cold liquids work the best.

4.Preload Fat Liquids

Drink fatty liquids before or early in the meal- You want the fat to hit the duodenum early, which sends a satiety signal to the brain. For example, drink cold whole milk before the meal.

5.Preload Soup

Try soup right before your meal- see The Smooth Tomato Soup SLOtility Diet BASIC Supplement.

6.Preload Water

Drink 2 cups of cold water 30 minutes before your meal. This will help you to eat less.- See The Water Preload SLOtility Diet BASIC Supplement.

7.Preload Acidic Liquids

Acidic liquids slow stomach emptying3, so try preloading citrus drinks (tomato/grapefruit/lemon/OJ) or soups just before your meal.

8.Spicy Food

Spicy food slows down stomach emptying: adding vinegar, capsaicin (red pepper) and cinnamon to your foods will help you to eat less. For more information on how to incorporate these spices into your diet, see the Vinegar, the Capsaicin, and the Cinnamon SLOtility Diet BASIC Supplements.

9.Add Fat

Fat slows stomach motility- solid fat is best3. Try fish fat and plant fat (eg. nuts, avocado), which are healthier than animal fat; or try yogurt.

10.Red Wine

Red wine slows stomach emptying. Don’t preload wine- for more information on how to incorporate wine into your diet, see The Red Wine SLOtility Diet BASIC Supplement.

11.Cold Food

Cold food moves slower through your stomach than hot food, especially early in the meal4. For example, a cold soup appetizer is a SLOtility food.

12.Chew Gum

Chewing gum may affect satiety by increasing stomach fullness via air swallowing meal5. Ok, ok, before dentists burn this book, make sure it’s sugarless gum, or brush your teeth afterwards.

13.Use Drinking Straws

Drinking straws slow down drinking and increase air swallowing6, both of which can help you to eat less. So start to use drinking straws- Ok,ok, if you’re in a bar, you probably don’t want to use a straw for social reasons...then again you’ll feel better faster ;)


For more information on the supplements YGD and Griffonia Simplicifolia, see The YGD and Griffonia Simplicifolia SLOtility Diet BASIC Supplements.