Overview and Introduction to SLOtility

The SLOtility Diet is based on the concept that if you eat foods which move slowly through your stomach, you will feel more full and eat less, thus helping you manage your weight without feeling hungry or counting every calorie. We have structured the diet around two components, the SLOtility Diet Eating Style and the SLOtility Diet Supplements.

Change ur eating habits

The SLOtility Eating Style focuses on changing your overall eating habits and consists of all the natural foods and eating techniques that have been shown to slow food down in your stomach. When practiced on a regular basis, you will find yourself feeling less hungry throughout the day and less likely to eat too much during meals. The result of this will help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of chronic disease. Click on the Principles tab on our homepage to learn all the SLOtility techniques that you can use to slow your food down.

The SLOtility Supplements

In order to help you to kickstart the SLOtility Eating Style, we have incorporated the SLOtility Supplements: 29 natural supplements with easy-to-follow instructions which you can start at the beginning of our monthly cycle. These supplements are subdivided into two broad categories, "SLOtility BASICS" and "SLOtility XTRAS," which together reflect the two goals of our diet plan: managing your weight and maintaining your health.

We all know that most diets fail when people "fall off the wagon" and eventually start to eat more food. Therefore, any successful diet regimen must address satiety, as feeling full will be a natural safeguard against eating too much. The 13 SLOtility BASICS form the cornerstone of the SLOtility Eating Style. Each of these supplements has been demonstrated to slow food down in your stomach, and will help you Manage Your Weight.

In addition to making you feel less hungry, slowing down the passage of food in your stomach also serves a metabolic function by slowing down food absorption, thereby lowering blood sugar and hormone levels after eating, which over time can reduce the risk of chronic disease. To add to this effect, we have also included 16 additional supplements, called SLOtility XTRAS, which will help you Maintain Your Health by reducing your risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, which are 3 of the most common serious health problems facing our country.

Sign up for 1 month

We structured the SLOtility crowdsourcing diet and our website so that each month represents a new diet cycle. By synchronizing everyone's starting day to the same time, we hope it will be easier for everyone to complete the program together and to foster a community of dieters all of whom share the common goal to be healthier. We can all help each other achieve this goal, whether this is by participating in the online forums, or simply by entering in your health information and logging your supplements on your site account (we are integrating our site with mobile devices to make this really easy!). At the end of the month, we will use all this data from the crowd to let everyone know which supplements worked the best for everyone, and to personalize recommendations for you going forward. To generate this information, all the data we collect from you will go into an anonymous database- it will always be up to you what information you wish to share with your fellow dieters. Your privacy is very important to us at SLOtility.com.

Fill in ur profile

When you sign up at SLO-tility.com, you will create your personal profile and be ready to start the diet. However, we are asking everyone to prepare beforehand so that you are ready to go when the monthly cycle begins. This will include collecting any health information that you wish to track, which is important for monitoring your health and weight loss progress, and also choosing which of the 29 supplements that fits best with your tastes and health goals (you can choose as many as you want, but one is fine too!). In addition to your weight, you are invited to also track your waist/hip circumference, blood pressure, blood sugar, hemoglobin A1C levels, and blood cholesterol. If you don't know your numbers, you can measure them at your doctor's or at a clinic, or you can buy your own monitors online or at a drugstore and measure them at home. Many drugstores also have free-to-use blood pressure monitors. Remember- Knowledge is Power!

As for the SLOtility Supplements, you will need to select the one or more you'd like to take for your first SLOtility monthly cycle (we will alert you when the community cycle begins). Only choose ones that you know you can take every day for 28 days (4 weeks). For those of you whose primary goal is to manage your weight, we recommend focusing on the 13 SLOtility BASICS, as these have been specifically chosen based on their action of slowing stomach motility. For those of you who seek to reduce your risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, you can select from the set of 16 SLOtility XTRAS, based on your specific needs. We have included a comprehensive chart (see page 9 of The SLOtility Diet Booklet) to guide your selection of supplements based on for which medical condition(s) each has been demonstrated to reduce risk.

When you have completed signing up, the website will use your profile data to calculate your risk for each of these three medical conditions, which will help you decide whether including some of the XTRAS as part of your SLOtility plan is right for you. As with mostly all of the SLOtility Supplements, the XTRAS are natural foods, and keep in mind that they are included here because of their effect on reducing risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and/or heart disease, as none of the XTRAS have been demonstrated to slow stomach motility. If your main reason for signing up for the SLOtility Diet is to manage your weight but you would like to also reduce your risk for these medical conditions, note that four of the BASICS have also been shown to reduce risk for diabetes, heart disease, and blood pressure, though three of the BASICS are contraindicated for those with high blood pressure (again, see page 9 of The SLOtility Diet Booklet).

Customize ur plan

We engineered the SLOtility Diet to be customizable for each participant based on his or her specific health needs and dietary goals. By helping people transition to a healthier eating style while introducing natural foods and eating techniques that will make managing weight easier and hunger free, and by utilizing a crowdsourcing website to foster a community of like-minded dieters, we hope to start a movement towards more sustainable dieting free of the on/off trends and struggles of many other diet plans.

Our healthcare system is buckling under the cost of treatment and healthcare reform must create preventative models which educate and empower citizens to develop healthy lifestyle habits and stave off the burden of chronic illness. The SLOtility diet will use an internet platform as a vector to help as many people as possible decrease their risk through healthier eating habits. That is our goal and, with your help, we will achieve it- slooooowly...

Get Moving

PS- DON’T FORGET TO EXERCISE! – As you successfully diet, the body adapts to eating less. In other words, your body will become better at storing fat when you eat less. The only way to combat this is to burn more energy, so including exercise is an important additional component to the SLOtilty Diet regimen. When you exercise, you burn off fat and build muscle. And, since muscle burns more energy than fat, you will have a higher daily metabolic rate which will burn off more energy than if you just diet alone (in dieting, you lose fat and muscle). Some good rules of thumb: 1- you won’t start burning fat until @ 20 minutes of exercise, so try to exercise a ½ hour or more at one session (obviously walking for 15 minutes is better than not, but you’ll burn more fat with 20 + minutes); 2- try aerobic exercise, where you can control your breathing throughout the session- this is the difference between walking (where breathing is controlled) and climbing stairs (where you become short of breath). Anaerobic exercise is effective, but check with your doctor before you start any strenuous exercise regimen.