“Thanks Duf I started the 2nd week in January using the supplements I liked and found on your site. I was weighing 337.5 lbs. at the time. I found it a little cheaper to buy the big bag of Ghirardelli semisweet chocolate chips at Sam's club. Only 60% cocoa though. I prefer to eat them mixed up in a bag with my walnuts. I drink lots of water. About 3 liters or more daily. I do salmon about 3 times a week. I weigh 311 right now. Once I hit 300, I will be on the treadmill. I am slowly preparing my body for that. It is important to know that I also prayed for weight loss. I promised God if I got my mobility back that I would use it in ministry. I have gone from 4X shirts and 44 inch waist pants to 3X shirts and 42 in pants. I am shopping my old clothes that I refused to throw away. Best regards” - Bill

“It made it very easy for me to stick to a pretty low daily caloric intake” - Dave

“It’s the best diet that I have been on… it’s wonderful. It works… It’s very easy.  I don’t have to work hard at it” - Olivia

1/25: “Mixed 1/2 tsp. cinnamon with just enough molasses to make it a little paste like. Then added hot water, which turned it into a surprisingly good tasting cinnamon tea. Took it once/day during super. Had lots of trouble finishing super, so my plate really is getting smaller. Don't quite understand the logic behind it, since I never had that reaction eating cinnamon on my toast, but it does seem to be working. I guess the difference is mixing it in the water. The 2nd day, I noticed that I'm not bloated anymore. I've already lost 2 lbs. Doesn't sound like much, but it really is harder to loose the weight when you're going through "the change." I'm going to stick with it and see what happens. Just can't believe something that tastes so good might actually work...
2/3-So far another pound rolled off. 3 lbs. lighter....Getting there. Pants are looser already....
2/24-Hip-hip-hooray! I'm back into my purple pants! Yes, another lbs. bites the dust...I now sing the "cinnamon song."
3/6-So excited! Just made a discovery. This is my second cycle on the cinnamon/water diet and I did it a little different this time. I used honey instead of blackstrap molasses in my hot cinnamon water, because I always read about honey being so good for you. No one ever says molasses is good for you. Well, things aren't going as good as before. My appetite increased a little. It seems like the molasses in the hot cinnamon water works better and lasts longer as an appetite suppre...ssant, which didn't make sense to me until I looked up the nutritional values myself. It turns out that the blackstrap molasses has less calories, less carbs, less sugar, a lot more calcium, more iron, more selenium, more niacin, more choline, and a huge amount more of potassium than honey. It also has magnesium and B6, which honey doesn't. The only "down side" of molasses is that it does have more sodium than honey. (10mg. more of sodium) That explains why not only was I full the entire day and night, but I was in the bathroom a little more and had more energy. (498.4 mg. potassium, which is more than a banana.) I going back to the molasses. I mix 10 oz. hot water, 1/4 tsp. cinnamon, and 1 tsp. molasses together and drink it with my super
3/18- This might sound nuts, but today I felt like I won the lottery. Why? Because I fit in a coat that I had my eye on. Not only did I fit in it, but I got it for 70% off! I'm so happy this is actually working and I'm not even watching what I eat, just eating less. This time around I want to try to eat healthier. Got myself some Romaine and apples to make nice big salads to add to super time! Thanks Slotility” - Maggie

2/10: “Hey All, I finished my first week, my weight fluctuates, so I may have lost a pound or two.
3/20: Hey guys, I've been out of town for week, so I didn't chart. Made it to the wedding and was still able to get into my dress! There was so much food around, but surprisingly I didn't splurge. My appetite seems to have changed...not hungry at night, my dinners aren't even whole plates of food. I really can't explain. But I'm back and ready to pick up where I left off!!” - Sabrina

“I like the whole premise of this exercise and endeavor” - Dawn

2/17: “Thank you so much for putting this together for us to yours I tried to send an e mail but it is smarter then me because I could not get to work so here I am I started the vinegar and cinnamon and Konjac on December 1 and I do believe I have lost 14lbs my sugar is better blood pressure is as well so thank you so much I had Christmas New Years vacation anniversary and valentines day and still lost 14 pounds so this is a secess thanks again from Pam
3/8-i am so pleased with my success that my co-workers came to me and said what are you doing i told them about the slotility diet that 9 people are going on it will let you no how they do” - Pam

“I do it before meals and it seems to help me from getting bloated and also reduces my appetite or my ability to eat too much. Makes you full” - Gabrielle

“I tried to do this program twice but due to my Crohn's disease I didn't finish the first 4 weeks with Konjac flour. I did lose almost 5 pounds. I signed up again but never was able to start with the Mediterranean (xtra light olive oil) weeks ago. So last week I started it on my own-I've lost almost 4 lbs in 6 days. I was surprised how fast I had results with this! I'm hoping it continues!” - Beth

“HI, I started taking cinnamon and apple cider vinegar about 3 weeks ago. In two weeks my AM glucose went from 110 to 84.” - Cathy

“Still continuing the water.  I have lost 4 pounds by trying to change my diet to include more fruits and vegetables.” - Jane

2/17: “I bought the olive oil, I bought the cinnamon. I have changed my eating habits, eliminating or greatly reducing carbs, juicing, eating yogurt, trying to exercise a bit. I don't know how to use the cinnamon or the olive oil. Now interestingly enough I lost 5 pounds
3/17: Hello, Something wonderful happened.  I lost 6 pounds, and wanted to record it.  I was a part of the beginning group, but didn't quite understand how to use the supplements.  I chose cinnamon and olive oil.  I have not used either daily, and have lost 6 pounds since starting and I wanted to make sure you got that information. Thanks, Darlene

“Thanks for keeping up with me!!” - Sue

“Thanks Duf.  This past month I began using an app called Lose It! to keep a food log.  That is also helping me along with the Capsaicin.  I expect this month's results will show a pretty good improvement.  Little steps!” - Kathy

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this effort... Thank you and best of luck with your future endeavors!” - Kimberly

“Hello Frank- While I haven't been as diligent about tracking, slotility add ins and awareness of them have absolutely helped in managing my appetite healthfully and pleasantly.  Plus I've lost six pounds. I thought that would never happen because I don't have a lot of weight to lose and it's always a struggle.
Fyi. I have found a konjac "cake" in Asian supermarkets which is made of the same ingredients as Shirataki noodles in a solid form. It is already prepared konjac and can be added to recipes easily.  My favorite concoction is smooth tomato soup heated with cubes of it along with hot sauce and a serving of safflower oil. In cold weather it's very satisfying before dinner, reduces appetite,and contains 4 slotility items.  Adding unsweetened dark cocoa and cinnamon to my morning coffee beats Starbucks too...  Thanks! Hope