Any questions?- just email us @ info@SLO-tility.com and well be happy to answer u…

Wheres the diet?

SLOtility is a diet designed to slow food down in ur stomach to make u feel full longer and eat less!- on the homepage/app, click on the Principles tab to see all the different foods and eating techniques u can use to slow ur food down. Try to incorporate as many SLOtility Principles as u can into ur eating habits, eg Preloading liquids, adding spice, adding fiber, etc and then eat smaller portions/low carb and u wont be hungry to go back for seconds! Eg if ur dinner is meat and potatoes, and u want to try Preloading Xtra Light Olive Oil before dinner, then eat smaller portions/eat ½ amount of potatoes u normally would/add fiber (ie a salad), and the Xtra Light Olive Oil will help keep u full so u wont cheat (ie snack) later on…

How much Supplement do I take? When do I take it?

On the homepage/app, click on the Supplements tab to see all the different Supplement regimens that we r crowdsourcing: SLOtility Basics (in red on the app) r Supplements that slow food down in ur stomach- we recommend u pick one of these to start, as a booster to kickstart ur SLOtility Diet! The SLOtility Xtras (in green on the app) r to help reduce the risk of chronic health conditions...

Simply click on each Supplement picture, and it will tell u how much to take, and how and when to take it...

Remember ur signing up to take ur Supplement regimen daily for one month, so only pick what u know u can eat!

How do I get the SLOtility Diet Booklet?

When u sign up to do the diet and take a Supplement regimen for 1 month, we will email u The SLOtility Diet Booklet which has all the info u need, including how to take all the Supplements, how the Diet works, and all the research behind it!

How r the Supplements tracked? Where r results reported?

When u sign up to do the SLOtility Diet and take a Supplement for 1 month, we will help u keep track of ur daily regimen- if u download the app for ur phone, we will send u a push notification @ 7pm EST to remind u to take ur daily Supplement regimen- then u just click yes or no whether u took it and that’s it!- if u don’t have the app, the website will scale to any of ur devices, and there is a calendar on ur Dashboard which u can click on the days and hit yes or no for whether u took the Supplement for that day- then at the end of the month, enter in ur new weight, blood pressure, sugar, or whatever else u want to track, and ur done and we will crowdsource ur results!

We report the results weekly upon any new data, and email a report to all who have signed up!

If u want us to send u a report, or u cant find it (check ur spam box… :P), just email us @ info@SLO-tility.com and we will send u our latest crowdsourced data!

Something happened and I cant finish the month (the dog ate my homework)- how should I proceed?

Just email us @ info@SLO-tility.com and we will salvage what data we can- u can always sign up for a subsequent monthly cycle- our monthly cycles start on Mondays, and u can sign up for the next cycle on ur Dashboard on the app or on the website…

Where can I find Cassia Cinnamon? (or Konjac Flour, or any of our Supplements...)

Most of our Supplements r foods u can find in the grocery store, but the few that r true Supplements can be found in Supplement stores or online- some of our Supplements have links on their pages to vendor sites which sell them (eg Konjac Flour remember: when in doubt, Amazon... :P