SLOtility is a new diet based on eating foods that move slowly through your stomach to make you feel more full and eat less, thus helping you manage your weight without the pain of traditional diets

At a Glance

Feel full = eat less. If you eat foods which move slowly through your stomach, you will feel more full, eat less and maintain a healthier weight.

We need your help. Share your results so we learn which foods work best for making you feel full.

Works with any diet. Regardless of what you eat, use SLOtility to eat less and feel more full.

Beyond weight loss. Sixteen foods to help reduce your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Pay what you wish. We let you decide what SLOtility is worth to you.

Who are we? Our team is based in Philadelphia and the creator, Frank Duffy, is a nutritionist and health-food researcher.

SLOtility Steps


Enter your info. We collect demographic info and health data such as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol.


Pick a supplement. We analyze your profile and recommend supplements to choose from and how to take them.


Record results for month. At the end of the month, you enter in your results that you’re tracking and along with everyone else’s data, we crowdsource the results to prime the next month’s cycle!

SLOtility Shout-outs

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Our snail mail bag

“I would like to let you no that since I started slo-tolity I was taking metforman byetta and lancist now I only take the get metforman no more needles thank you I will get my a1c done in a month or so my blood pressure is doing better I am going to really try to lose weight this month and thank you so much this program” – Pam

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